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Santa’s XMAS Token is LIVE !

Santa has launched  XMAS Token!  The Christmas airdrop is close! 1 000 000 XMAS Tokens are waiting to be given!  


We learned so much from others in our crypto journey. Show them appreciation this holiday season by sending them XMAS tokens, a token created to be a symbol of appreciation, gratitude and thank you. Here’s to a new way of saying Merry Christmas!

Check below some of the advantages of XMAS


There will be a total of 4 000 000 XMAS tokens created.

2 700 000 tokens will be available for crowdsale.

1 000 000 tokens will be distributed as Christmas gift on December 24 for all wallets subscribed to Santa’s Gift List which will have XMAS tokens into their wallet on December 21.

Bonus XMAS

The subscription to Santa’s Gift List will start from December 14 at 12.00 GMT and it will end on December 20 at 22.00 GMT !
On December 21 Santa Claus and his team will check the wallets subscribed to Santa’s Gift List and all the wallets which will have XMAS tokens will receive a significant bonus!

How will XMAS gift tokens be distributed?

1 000 000 XMAS tokens will be given as gift to the XMAS holders subscribed to Santa’s Gift List. The number of the tokens received in the airdrop will be proportional to the number of XMAS tokens available in your wallet on December 21 when Santa Claus will check his Gift List. There are no tokens burned here. All 1 000 000 XMAS will be airdropped by Santa.

All XMAS tokens which will not be sold in the crowdsale will be burned by elves after ICO closure.


Token sale has ended. Thank you everyone for your contribution. All unsold tokens have been burned.

XMAS Token is listed on Etherdelta


The airdrop is coming!


November 11 – December 9




1000 XMAS : 1 ETH


0.1 ETH


2 700 000 XMAS

There are no country restrictions for XMAS token ICO. Santa Claus is welcoming all of you.

There is no bonus in the crowdsale. We want to offer fair chances to everyone. The hype and the bonus strategy will offer good sell opportunities.

The tokens will be transferable in December 10 and also in December 10 they will be listed on the first exchanges.

Add XMAS tokens to your myetherwallet:

  • click Add Custom Token
  • Token Contract Adress:  0xf24d3DFfFCAF9F9a5Dda9c57eEEB1AC0bbA49C86
  • Token Symbol: XMAS
  • Decimals: 18
  • Save



Santa Claus
Santa ClausGift Bringer
Santa dedicated his whole life to making the world happy with his presents. Now he wants to bring his gifts to the entire crypto community and spread the joy to busy money maker dudes.
Ms Santa
Ms SantaMarketing lead
Ms Santa brings the cookies, the hot chocolate and the Xmas spirit to the table. She will make sure to warm the heart of all unbelievers.
SnowMan takes his job really serious. It’s only so much he can do until the weather turns against him and melts all his ideas.
Christmas Elf
Christmas ElfElf-tought blockchain specialist
Elf is the tech guru of the team. All the heavy lifting of tokens development and crowdsale creation rest safely on his big ears.

Santa’s answers to FAQ

Why have you created XMAS token?
S: We wanted to create a different token. A token used to be given as appreciation to those who had an impact in our crypto journey or simply sent as Christmas gift in an original fashion.

Why not sending them ether?
S: People are seeing ether like money now. It can be hard to decide how much money you want to send to X or Y, you will begin to ask if it is enough, then you will start to narrow down the list of people who will receive your attention. And before you know it, what started as a nice gesture ends with a pool of worries. That’s why people don’t give money as gifts. We needed a symbol of appreciation, a symbol of gift recognized by the entire crypto community.

What concept does XMAS token bring?
S: Brand new proof of gift concept by using digital XMAS tokens for giving presents and making surprises to your beloved ones.

How do I participate in the crowdsale?
S: You have to transfer from your Ethereum wallet to the smart contract address posted in ICO section the amount of ETH you want to contribute and the according XMAS tokens will be transferred to your Ethereum account. 

What happens with the remaining tokens from the crowdsale?
S: ALL tokens which will not be sold in the crowdsale will be burned after the ICO closure.

Will you keep any XMAS tokens?
S: No. All the tokens are sold in the ICO and not a single token will be kept by Santa.

Why you will not keep any tokens for you?
S: It would not be a Christmas token if not all the tokens are given. And Santa doesn’t want for anyone to think that he want’s to manipulate the price market or to dump the tokens.

Will the token be listed on exchanges?
S: Of course. Its Santa’s target to see XMAS listed on as many exchanges as possible and in shortest possible time. Santa Claus and its team are working hard on this so you can enjoy trading XMAS on exchanges. 

Do I have any reason to contribute to this ICO if I’m not interested in giving gifts or sending appreciation to someone?
S: Yes. Santa has planned a win-win strategy for everyone:

Those who will contribute in ICO will get a token with a resonant name that can be sold after ICO closure to those who want to receive the 1 000 000 XMAS bonus tokens. Or hold them to receive the massive bonus themselves.

For those who will want to buy the tokens after their listing on exchanges, beside the hype of XMAS in December, if they will have XMAS tokens in December 21 and subscribe to Santa’s Gift List they will receive the airdrop bonus. 

Will ICO participants have to subscribe also to the Santa’s list?
S: No, all the ICO participants are subscribed automatically but they will receive the bonus only for the number of XMAS tokens which they will have on December 21.

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